Rules and Regulations

  • Honour the College Motto, “Labor Omnia Vincit”.
  • Proper respect must be shown to the Faculty and Staff of the Institutution.
  • Regular attendance (Min 75%) is an essential of Merit. Leave of Absence must be obtained within one week of joining.
  • Ignorance of vital informations put on the Notice Board is not valid excuse for non-compliance.
  • Negligence of personal decency is an offence to the institution and is liable to disciplinary actions.
  • Smoking, Chewing pan/tobacco and others intoxicating substance within the campus is prohibited.
  • Abuse of any kind of drugs will invite instant action to the extent of dismissal from the College. Peddling of drugs is a crime and subject to legal action.
  • Outsiders are not allowed beyond the administrative area.
  • Attempt to exert influence over the College administration for personal benefit is an insult to the academic profession and may jeopardize the interested client.
  • Partisan politics and propagation of their policies inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are advised to stay clear of the adjacent Boys’ M.E. School during School hours.
  • Fees once paid, is not refundable without sanction from competent authority.
  • Participation in the extra-curricular programmes is compulsory for students.
  • Periodical tests and assignments are essential aspect of evaluation, and may not be absconded without grave consequence.
  • Regional and communal interests deterrent to the country’s democratic harmony must have no room in the campus.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off in the classroom and Examination Hall.
  • Ragging within the Campus is an offence to the institution and to humanity and is liable to disciplinary action to the extent of expulsion from the college.

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